Benefits Of Soft Stepping Irons

For avid golfers, finding the right equipment can make a huge difference in their game. While much attention is given to selecting the right driver or putter, iron clubs often get overlooked. However, iron clubs are essential in executing accurate and precise shots, and soft stepping irons are becoming increasingly popular among golfers who want to improve their iron play.

Soft stepping irons involve adding an extra layer of tape to the club’s shaft, reducing its stiffness and improving feel and feedback. This customization option is gaining popularity among golfers who are looking to enhance their control and accuracy, customize the swing weight of their clubs, and reduce the strain on their body.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of soft stepping irons in detail. We will explain what soft stepping irons are, how they differ from traditional irons, and how they can help you improve your game. Additionally, we will discuss the differences between soft stepping and hard stepping irons, how to properly soft step your clubs, and what to consider before making the switch. With this information, you will be better equipped to determine if soft stepping irons are the right choice for you.

Benefits Of Soft Stepping Irons

What are Soft Stepping Irons?

Soft stepping irons are a customization option for golfers looking to improve their iron play. The process involves adding an extra layer of tape to the club’s shaft, which decreases the stiffness of the club. This results in a higher ball flight, increased spin, and improved feel. The opposite of soft stepping is hard stepping, which involves removing a layer of tape from the club’s shaft, making the club stiffer.

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Many golfers choose to soft step their irons to achieve a specific feel or to compensate for a swing that is too fast or too slow. Soft stepping can also help golfers who struggle to control their ball flight or who need more height on their shots.

Benefits of Soft Stepping Irons

Improved Feel and Feedback

One of the primary benefits of soft stepping irons is improved feel and feedback. By decreasing the stiffness of the club, golfers can better sense the position of the clubface at impact and the vibration of the clubhead. This increased feedback can help golfers make necessary adjustments to their swing and improve their overall ball striking.

Enhanced Control and Accuracy

Another benefit of soft stepping irons is enhanced control and accuracy. Soft stepping allows golfers to more easily shape their shots and control their ball flight. The higher ball flight and increased spin can also help golfers hold the green on approach shots, leading to more birdie opportunities.

Customization of Swing Weight

Soft stepping irons also allow for customization of the swing weight of the club. By adding or removing layers of tape, golfers can adjust the weight distribution of the club to better suit their swing. This can help improve the consistency and accuracy of their shots.

Better Transition between Clubs

Soft stepping irons can also improve the transition between clubs in a golfer’s bag. The increased feel and feedback can help golfers better sense the difference in their clubs and make smoother transitions, leading to better shot making and more consistent results.

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Reduced Strain on the Body

Finally, soft stepping irons can reduce strain on the body. The decreased stiffness of the club can lead to a more natural and comfortable swing, reducing the risk of injury and strain on the hands, wrists, and elbows.

Soft Stepping vs. Hard Stepping

While soft stepping has many benefits, it is not always the best option for every golfer. Hard stepping can be a better choice for golfers who need a lower ball flight or who have a slower swing speed. Hard stepping can also help golfers who struggle with a hook or who need to reduce spin on their shots.

How to Soft Step Irons

Soft stepping irons should be done by a professional club fitter or repair specialist. The process involves removing the grip, adding an extra layer of tape to the club’s shaft, and re-gripping the club. It is important to ensure that the tape is applied evenly and that the club’s swing weight is properly adjusted.


Soft stepping irons are a valuable customization option for golfers looking to improve their iron play. By improving feel and feedback, enhancing control and accuracy, customizing swing weight, and reducing strain on the body, soft stepping can help golfers take their game to the next level. It is important to consult with a professional club fitter or repair specialist to ensure that the soft stepping process is done correctly and to determine if soft stepping is the best option for your game.

If you are interested in soft stepping your irons, do some research to find a reputable club fitter or repair specialist in your area. Ask about their experience with soft stepping and be sure to communicate your goals and needs. With the right equipment and guidance, soft stepping irons can be a game-changer for your golf game.

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