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How Do Pro Golfers Know Yardage

The average person probably doesn’t think too much about how a professional golfer knows the yardage of their shots. After all, they’re just hitting a small ball with a club, what could be so difficult about that? As it turns out, there’s actually quite a bit that goes into knowing how far you need to hit the ball in order to make your shot.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how pro golfers know yardage and some of the methods they use to estimate distance. One way that professional golfers are able to estimate yardage is by using something called a “yardage book.” This book is essentially a course map that shows all of the different hazards and features of each hole.

By looking at the yardage book, golfers are able to get an idea of how far they need to hit the ball in order to clear any water or sand traps, avoid trees, and so on.

As a amateur golfer, one of the things that always impresses me about the professionals is their ability to know how far they are hitting the ball. They make it look so effortless and it’s something that most amateurs struggle with. So, how do pro golfers know yardage?

There are a few different ways that pro golfers can estimate yardage. Firstly, they will have spent years playing the game and will have a pretty good idea of how far they hit their shots on average. They also tend to play on courses that they know well, so they’ll have an intimate knowledge of the layout and distances involved.

Another way that pros can estimate yardage is by using range finders. These devices use lasers to measure the distance between the player and the flagstick or other target. Many Tour players will have caddies who carry range finders and will give them yardages to specific spots on the hole.

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Finally, some pros will use GPS units to get accurate yardages to any point on the course. These days, most courses have GPS systems installed which means that all you need is a handheld unit or even just your smartphone to get access to this information.

Where Do Pro Golfers Get Their Yardage Books

It’s no secret that professional golfers rely on yardage books to help them plan their shots and approach the course. But where do they get these all-important yardage books? There are actually a few different sources that pro golfers use to get their yardage information.

One is from the tournament organizers themselves, who will provide each player with a book containing detailed information about the course layout and distances. Another source is from commercial providers like GolfLogix or PinSeekerz, who sell detailed yardage books for thousands of courses around the world. And then there are the caddies, who often spend hours walking the course and measuring distances themselves in order to create their own personal yardage books for their players.

Whatever the source, it’s clear that having accurate and up-to-date yardage information is critical for any professional golfer looking to compete at the highest level.

How Do Pro Golfers Know Yardage


How Do Pga Tour Players Measure Distance?

In order to accurately measure distance on the PGA Tour, players use a device called a laser rangefinder. This handheld tool uses lasers to measure the distance between the player and the target, whether that be the hole, flagstick, or any other desired landmark. Most professional golfers carry their own laser rangefinders with them during tournaments, as they are not allowed to receive help from caddies or other people in terms of yardage information.

This means that it is up to each individual player to know how far they are hitting the ball and make club selection accordingly.

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Laser rangefinders have become increasingly popular on the PGA Tour over recent years as they offer a much more accurate reading than traditional methods such as using a yardage book or pacing out distances. They also save time as there is no need to walk off yardages yourself – you can simply point and shoot!

If you’re interested in trying out a laser rangefinder for yourself, then there are many different models available on the market to suit all budgets. Just remember that when using one during competition, you must abide by the rules set forth by the USGA regarding their use.

Can Pro Golfers Use Rangefinders?

Yes, professional golfers are able to use rangefinders during tournaments. While there are some strict guidelines on how they can be used, overall, rangefinders can give players a great deal of information that can help them make more informed decisions on their shots. Some of the key things that a golfer can learn from using a rangefinder include: the yardage to various objects on the course, such as the flagstick; the elevation changes between their current location and the target; and whether or not there are any hazards in-between.

All of this information can be extremely helpful in making sure that a player hits their shot in the right spot. There are also a few different ways that professional golfers can use rangefinders during tournaments. One is by walking up to their ball and using the device to get yardages manually.

Another is by attaching the rangefinder to their golf cart and using it while they ride around the course. And finally, some players will have caddies who carry around laser rangefinders and will provide yardages when asked.

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Overall, having a rangefinder available during a tournament can be extremely beneficial for professional golfers.

It gives them access to important information that can help them make better decisions on their shots. If you’re looking to up your game, investing in a quality laser rangefinder is definitely something worth considering.

What Do Golf Pros Write in Their Yardage Books?

Golf pros write in their yardage books the same things that any golfer would need to know about a course in order to play it well. This includes information on each hole such as the length, hazards, and landing areas. They also take note of how they have played each hole in the past, so they can refer back to their yardage book when they are practicing or playing in a tournament.

Yardage book reading 101


In professional golf, caddies are responsible for knowing the yardage of each shot. They use a variety of methods to estimate the distance, including using a laser rangefinder, looking at maps of the course, and pacing off the distance. The caddy will then give this information to the golfer so that they can make an informed decision about their shot.

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