How Many Topgolf Locations Are There

In recent years, a new player has taken the golfing world by storm, captivating enthusiasts and novices alike with its unique blend of sport, entertainment, and socializing. Topgolf, a revolutionary concept that combines golf, music, food, and fun, has quickly become a global phenomenon, attracting a diverse range of individuals seeking a memorable and immersive experience.

But just how far has Topgolf’s reach extended? How many locations can avid golfers and curious newcomers find across the globe? In this article, we will embark on a journey to uncover the answer to the question: How many Topgolf locations are there?

From the bustling cities of the United States to international destinations, Topgolf has established a network of venues that cater to golf lovers and social butterflies alike. We’ll explore the major cities and regions that house Topgolf locations in the United States, and delve into the international expansion that has brought this unique golfing experience to countries such as Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Australia, and beyond.

Join us as we delve into the world of Topgolf, uncovering its growth, its influence, and its plans for future expansion. Discover the power of this golfing phenomenon and prepare to be enthralled by the remarkable number of Topgolf locations that have taken the world by storm.

How Many Topgolf Locations Are There

Exploring the Topgolf Franchise

Before we delve into the specific number of Topgolf locations, it’s important to understand the franchise model that underpins its growth. A franchise is a business arrangement where an established company, in this case, Topgolf, grants the rights to operate a similar business under its brand to independent operators or entrepreneurs known as franchisees.

Topgolf’s franchise model has been instrumental in its expansion. By partnering with individuals who are passionate about the brand, Topgolf has been able to establish a presence in numerous locations around the world. These franchisees play a vital role in maintaining the high standards and unique experience that Topgolf offers.

So, how many franchises does Topgolf have? While the exact number may vary as the brand continues to grow, Topgolf currently operates franchises in several countries, including the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Australia, to name a few. Each franchise represents a distinct location where individuals can enjoy the Topgolf experience.

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Topgolf Locations in the United States

The United States serves as the birthplace and primary market for Topgolf. Its rapid expansion across the country has made Topgolf a household name, attracting both avid golfers and individuals seeking a fun social outing. Let’s explore the various Topgolf locations in the United States and their prominence.

Major cities and regions with Topgolf locations

Topgolf venues are strategically located in metropolitan areas and popular regions throughout the United States. These locations offer accessibility and convenience to a large customer base. Let’s take a closer look at some of the major cities and regions where Topgolf has established its presence:

Las VegasNevada
Los AngelesCalifornia
Washington, D.C.District of Columbia

These are just a few examples, as there are many more Topgolf locations across the United States. Each venue offers a unique experience and contributes to the vibrant Topgolf community.

Notable or unique Topgolf locations in the United States

While all Topgolf venues provide an enjoyable experience, some locations stand out due to their distinctive features or attractions. Let’s explore a couple of notable Topgolf locations in the United States:

  1. Topgolf Las Vegas: Situated in the entertainment capital of the world, Topgolf Las Vegas offers a breathtaking experience. It boasts a four-level flagship venue with multiple entertainment spaces, luxurious VIP suites, and stunning views of the Las Vegas Strip.
  2. Topgolf Austin: Located in the heart of Texas, Topgolf Austin offers a lively atmosphere with a vast entertainment complex. In addition to golf, visitors can enjoy live music performances, interactive games, and a variety of food and beverage options.

These examples demonstrate the diverse and exciting experiences that Topgolf locations in the United States have to offer. Whether you’re looking for a vibrant city experience or a unique setting, Topgolf has something for everyone.

International Topgolf Locations

While Topgolf’s roots are in the United States, its popularity has spread across borders, making it a global phenomenon. Let’s explore some of the international locations where you can find Topgolf venues and experience the excitement firsthand.

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Topgolf’s international expansion has been remarkable, with venues established in various countries. Here are a few popular countries where Topgolf has made its mark:

CountryNotable Cities with Topgolf Locations
CanadaCalgary, Edmonton, Vancouver
MexicoMexico City, Monterrey, Cancun
United KingdomLondon, Birmingham, Manchester
AustraliaGold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne
United Arab EmiratesDubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain

These are just a few examples, as Topgolf continues to explore opportunities in new markets globally. The expansion into different countries allows individuals worldwide to experience the unique blend of golf, entertainment, and camaraderie that Topgolf offers.

Topgolf’s Growth and Expansion Plans

As Topgolf continues to thrive and captivate audiences, its growth and expansion remain at the forefront. Let’s delve into the recent milestones, planned future locations, and the strategies employed by Topgolf to further expand its reach.

Recent growth and expansion milestones

In recent years, Topgolf has achieved significant milestones, solidifying its position as a premier entertainment destination. Some notable achievements include:

  • Opening of new flagship locations in major cities
  • Continued success and growth of existing venues
  • Expansion into new markets and regions
  • Introduction of innovative technology and experiences

These milestones demonstrate Topgolf’s commitment to evolving and providing exceptional entertainment experiences for its patrons.

Planned future locations

Topgolf’s expansion plans extend beyond its current portfolio of venues. The company has a strategic vision for the future, aiming to bring the Topgolf experience to even more locations worldwide. Here’s a glimpse of what’s on the horizon:

Upcoming Topgolf venues in the United States

  • New York City, New York
  • Miami, Florida
  • Seattle, Washington
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Boston, Massachusetts

These forthcoming locations will allow Topgolf to further penetrate key markets and provide individuals in these areas with the opportunity to enjoy the exciting fusion of golf, entertainment, and exceptional hospitality.

Anticipated international locations

Topgolf’s global expansion plans are also underway. The brand is actively exploring opportunities in various countries, including:

  • Germany
  • France
  • Japan
  • South Korea
  • Brazil

By venturing into these new international markets, Topgolf aims to bring its unique brand of entertainment to diverse audiences across the globe.

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Topgolf’s strategy for expansion

Topgolf’s growth and expansion are guided by a well-thought-out strategy. Several factors influence the selection of new locations, including:

  • Market demand and potential
  • Accessible and desirable sites
  • Collaboration with local partners and investors
  • Adapting to cultural preferences and preferences of each region

Through careful market analysis and strategic partnerships, Topgolf ensures that each new venue aligns with its vision of providing unforgettable experiences.


In conclusion, Topgolf has rapidly expanded its presence, offering its unique brand of entertainment and golf experiences in various locations worldwide. From its origins in the United States to its international ventures, Topgolf continues to captivate individuals with its innovative approach to the game of golf and socializing.

As Topgolf embarks on its future growth and expansion plans, the number of Topgolf locations will continue to increase, providing more opportunities for individuals to engage in this exciting form of entertainment. With each new venue, Topgolf strives to create a vibrant community where golf enthusiasts, friends, and families can come together to enjoy a memorable experience.

Whether you’re in the United States or exploring international destinations, there’s likely a Topgolf location near you, ready to offer an immersive and enjoyable experience. From the bustling cities to picturesque settings, each venue brings its own charm and unique offerings.

So, whether you’re an avid golfer looking to refine your skills, a social butterfly seeking a fun outing, or simply curious to try something new, a visit to a Topgolf location promises to deliver an unforgettable time.

Keep an eye out for Topgolf’s future announcements and the opening of new venues in your area. As the brand continues to grow and innovate, there will always be fresh opportunities to connect, compete, and create lasting memories.

Experience the excitement, camaraderie, and joy that Topgolf brings, and discover why it has become a beloved destination for golfers and non-golfers alike.

Remember, Topgolf isn’t just about hitting golf balls; it’s about creating memories, celebrating milestones, and enjoying quality time with friends and family. So, gather your group, grab a club, and embark on a thrilling adventure at a Topgolf near you.

The world of Topgolf awaits. Come join the community of golf enthusiasts, experience the unique blend of entertainment and sport, and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Safe travels and swinging!

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