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What Percentage Of Golfers Break 100

As a beginner golfer, one of your ultimate goals is to break 100 for an 18-hole round. But what are the odds of actually achieving this milestone? According to Golf Digest, the percentage of golfers who break 100 is about 22%.

So, while it’s certainly not impossible to reach this goal, you’ll need to put in some serious practice time if you want to join that elite group.

What Percentage Of Golfers Break 100? The answer may surprise you. According to a recent study, a whopping 80% of golfers break 100 on a regular basis!

That means that if you’re one of the 20% who don’t, you’re definitely in the minority. So what does it take to join the ranks of those who regularly break 100? While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, there are certainly some things that all successful golfers have in common.

For starters, they tend to have a strong grasp of the basics. They know how to swing the club properly and have a solid understanding of the game’s rules and etiquette. In addition, successful golfers are usually very patient.

They understand that good things come to those who wait and are willing to put in the hours on the range or course to see results. Finally, they also tend to be positive thinkers who believe in their abilities and maintain an optimistic outlook even when faced with challenging situations on the course.

Difference Between Breaking 90 and 100 – Where Can You Slash Strokes and BREAK THROUGH?

What Percentage of Golfers Break 100 Regularly?

According to Golf Digest, about 22 percent of all golfers regularly break 100. This means that if you play a round with four other people, chances are pretty good that one of them will shoot below 100 on a given day.

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Of course, this number goes up or down depending on the skill level of the group.

If you’re playing with a bunch of beginners, the percentage of players shooting in the 90s or lower is going to be higher. Conversely, if you’re playing with a group of experienced golfers, the percentage of players breaking 100 is going to be lower. Still, it’s safe to say that shooting in the 90s is relatively common among golfers of all skill levels.

And if you can manage to break 100 on a regular basis, you’re doing better than most!

What Percentage of Golfers Have Broken 90?

It’s estimated that only about 20 percent of all golfers have ever broken 90. That includes both amateur and professional golfers. Breaking 90 is considered a pretty significant accomplishment in the game of golf.

It requires consistent play and a certain amount of skill. Most casual players will never even come close to breaking 90. So, if you’ve done it, congratulations!

You’re in rare company.

Do Most People Break 100 in Golf?

The answer to this question is complicated and depends on a number of factors. For the average golfer, breaking 100 is definitely achievable with some practice and dedication. However, for those who play competitively or at a higher level, breaking 100 may be more difficult.

There are also many variables that can affect someone’s score, such as course difficulty, weather conditions, and even luck. Ultimately, it is up to the individual player to see if they can break 100 in golf.

What Percentage of Golfers Ever Break 80?

A recent study by the National Golf Foundation found that only 4.4% of all golfers have ever broken 80.

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This number may seem low, but it’s actually pretty impressive when you consider how difficult it is to break 80. Most amateur golfers will never come close to shooting in the 70s, let alone breaking 80.

So what does it take to break 80? For starters, you need to be a pretty good player. You’ll need to have a solid tee game and be able to hit your irons well.

You also need to know how to manage your game and not get too aggressive on the course. Breaking 80 is a great accomplishment for any golfer and if you can do it, you should be proud!

What Percentage Of Golfers Break 100


What Percentage of Golfers Break 90

Breaking 90 is a huge accomplishment for any golfer. According to Golf Digest, only 26% of all golfers have broken 90 at least once in their lives. That number drops to just 8% when looking at golfers who have done it 10 or more times.

So if you’re one of the few that has been able to break this elusive barrier, congratulations! You’re part of a select group of golfers. But what does it take to be a part of this group?

For starters, you need to know your average score and how many strokes it typically takes you to get around the course. Once you have that information, you can start working on specific areas of your game that need improvement. For example, if your average score is 100 and it usually takes you 45 strokes to get around the course, then you need to find ways to shave 5 strokes off your game.

This could involve taking lessons from a professional, practicing more frequently, or making small changes in your swing.

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If breaking 90 is something you’d like to achieve, then don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen right away. It takes time, patience, and dedication to reach this goal.

But once you do finally break through that barrier, it’ll be an accomplishment that you’ll always remember!


According to Golf Digest, approximately 60 percent of golfers break 100. Of those who don’t regularly break 100, about 75 percent say they want to. Breaking 100 is definitely an achievable goal for the majority of golfers out there.

The key is to focus on the basics and keep improving little by little. With some dedication and practice, anyone can lower their score and enjoy the game even more.

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